Virtual Shimmy Up North


Join us for this Virtual Shimmy Up North and experience some Northern hospitality – a great weekend with some amazing teachers, classes and lots of fun!
From Cocktails and chat to classes with our fabulous teachers in different styles.



Join us for this fabulous and fun virtual bellydance weekend.  28 – 30th May 2021
Experience our Northern hospitality and join our Shimmy Up North family.

Shimmy Up North has been going at several venues for over 20years:  Ford Castle, Wortley Hall and now Borwick Hall in Lancashire.  Covid restrictions mean we cannot get together at Borwick this year so we will do it virtually!!  (Why not chum up with a belly buddy and join us together – covid rules allowing!)

All events will be on Zoom – but we will also have a private FB group for participants with more information as we get nearer the weekend.  A place to chat and get excited about the weekend.
Access to the whole weekend for only £50
Workshops will be recorded so you can access them after.  (Except Shimmy Camp which is only live)

28th May – Friday night:  7.30 – 9.30pm
Cocktails and chat with Kay and guests.
Kays guests are: Irene and Edwin from Aladdins Cave, Sara Farouk from Cairo, Abeer Will from Germany, Claire and Milly.  All have joined Kay at some point over the years …. or in Abeers case, were scheduled to do so!!  You can ask questions too.  An interactive and fun evening.
For those who would like to make the cocktails with Kay, you will receive a list of ingredients in advance.

Our teachers for the weekend:

Yasmina of Cairo, Abeer Will, Kay Taylor, Anne Kingston & Moyra Banks
For descriptions of workshops click on the link to the left.

Saturday 29th:

10am:  Shimmy Camp with Kay

11am – 12.30:  Moyra Banks:  Baladi combinations.

14.00 – 15.30: Yasmina of Cairo:   Fi Youm w’Leyla

16.30 – 18.00:  Performances from our teachers and get to know a bit about them…… a great way to end our first day.  You can also ask questions of any of our teachers.  We may have some teachers joining us from past ‘Shimmy Up North’s.

Sunday 30th May:

10 – 11.30am:  Meet your body …. with Anne Kingston

11.45 – 12.30:  Fabulous Framing Arms with Kay

14.00 – 15.30:  Abeer Will – The Nile Delta Ghawazee

15.30 – Farewells

More about your teachers:

Kay Taylor

I have been hosting these Shimmy Up North weekends for over 20 years.  Inspired by my experiences at the JWAAD Summer School, I wanted to provide a weekend of dance which feeds both the body and soul.  A place to learn, laugh, meet friends and party!  I love these weekends.  I love teaching these amazing women and even though we can’t get together in person, I con’t wait to see you all on Zoom.  I love sharing my passion for the dance and love of Egypt with you all.

Most of you know my life is based around bellydance:  As Farida Adventures I take groups on specialist bellydance holidays to Cairo.  As Farida Dance I import and sell dance wear and amazing costumes.  As director of JWAAD I oversee the development of the UK’s longest established and most in depth training courses for bellydancers.  As Kay Taylor, I teach at festivals around the UK, my own regular classes and at international festivals too.

Yasmina of Cairo

Yasmina has taught at Shimmy Up North many times over the years.  She brings that Cairo glamour to our weekends.  Her first hand knowledge of the Cairo dance scene, her in depth understanding of the music and culture make her classes informative and inspiring.  I am delighted she is joining us for our virtual weekend.

Yasmina has released a series of documentaries directed but Sara Farouk. They interview a whole host of Cairo dancers and it provides an insight to their lives today.  ‘In Our Own Words’.

Yasmina has also just completed writing one of the JWAAD online courses ‘Bellydancers on Film’.  10 films with summaries of the storyline to help you follow the plot.  Yasmina helps you understand the cultural context of the content and how each film reflects a dancers place in society at that time.  From the ‘golden era’ to current day.

Anne Kingston

Anne is not only an inspirational teacher but a great friend too.  Anne is a regular teacher at Shimmy Up North and much loved by everyone who joins us.  She has taught bellydance for a very long time!  More recently she retrained as a Body Groove facilitator and is currently studying for a Masters in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing at University.  She is particularly interested in how bodies work and how dance can help keep us happy in body and mind.

A different approach that will awaken your body and enhance your dance.


Abeer Will

I met Abeer in Cairo a few years ago and we just connected.  We have now worked together several times and I wanted her to come and teach at ‘Shimmy Up North’ but of course Covid 19 happened.  Abeer is a font of knowledge and has introduced me to styles I didn’t know existed.

Abeer lives in Germany and teaches bellydance there.  She combines the essence of Egypt with the ability to teach a structured class.  Not only is she hugely knowledgeable but approachable and has a great sense of humour too.

Moyra Banks

Based in Edinburgh, Moyra teaches at the prestigious studios ‘Dance Base’.  Moyra is one of the principal dancers in my dance company ‘Helwa’ and has toured the last show ‘Bellydance:  A True Story’ around the UK.  Moyra loves to help dancers develop their own dance.  She mentors several dancers, teaches private lessons and workshops around the UK.  Moyra is also helping develop the JWAAD online courses.

Moyra gets her inspiration from travelling to Egypt and also from going to international dance festivals.

Moyra has taught at our weekends before and folks loved her workshops …… so I am delighted she is joining us on this virtual weekend.

More about the workshops


10am – Shimmy Camp with Kay

A fitness based class.  45 minutes of non stop bellydance music and moves.  Designed to get you hot and sweaty.  Inspire you with some fab music.  Get those pheromones pumping through your system.  A real feel good session.

11.00 – 12.30 – Baladi combinations with Moyra

Moyra will teach several combinations with a ‘baladi’ vibe.  She will break down technique and show you how they can be used within baladi music.  A great class with combinations to take away and use yourself.

14.00 – 15.30 – Fi Youm w’Leyla with Yasmina

Yasmina will explore some of the lesser known verses of this song and teach excerpts from her choreography.  A great insight into a classic song, it’s meaning and the feeling you want to portray.


10.00 – 11.30 – Meet your body with Anne Kingston

While we’ve all been in lockdown Anne has been studying at University for a MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing.  Basically how we can get more into our bodies and less in our heads which is perfect for dancers.  Somatics can also help with anxiety so helpful through these tricky times.  Her morning session will involve introducing somatics, trying it for yourselves and exploring how it can help us dance and improvise.  Please have a glass of water and silk veil available and make sure you have a space to sit or lie and space to dance.

11.45 – 12.30 – Fabulous Framing Arms with Kay Taylor

In this session Kay will explore arm positions to create fabulous frames.  Arms complete your dance.  Framing your body and your movements makes a huge difference to the impact of your dance.

14.00 – 15.30 – Nile Delta Ghawazee with Abeer Will

Abeer is going to teach the first part of a piece of choreography.  The Nile Delta Ghawazee are not as well known as their cousins in Luxor.  They have a different style of music and dance which Abeer is going to introduce you to.  There isn’t enough time to complete the full choreography but for those who would like to continue, Abeer is happy to hold another workshop.

15.30 – 15.45 – Thank you and Farewell

Join Kay and everyone for a final group photo and virtual hug!