Alba Orientale Festival

Alba Orientale Bellydance Festival
28th & 29th March 2020
Thomas Morton Hall, 28-30 Ferry Rd, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 4AE
The UK’s newest International Bellydance Festival in Edinburgh

Gold Package – Only £225
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Silver Package – Only £160
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Bronze Package – Only £90
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We are so excited to announce this festival and even more so because it will be held in Scotlands historic city of Edinburgh.  This romantic yet mysterious city has so much to explore …. and now it has a bellydance festival too!
This festival is brought to you by the NADA team and Kay Taylor of Farida Dance

Competition:  Our weekend starts on Friday afternoon with The Alba Awards – Scotlands newest bellydance competition.
Please Note: All competitors must have purchased at least one workshop before being able to enter the competition
Workshops: start Saturday morning and finish Sunday afternoon.
Shows:  We have a fabulous Gala Dhow on Saturday night.
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If you want an immersive experience, studying with our stars and our other amazing teachers, then you can.  If you want a ‘bellydance light’ weekend you can do that too.
Our range of packages means you can choose the one that is right for you.  You can see the timetable below our teachers information.  Or you can just book workshops individually – work out which gives you the best deal.  We want you to get value for money.

Before we explain about the packages and the timetable, you must want to know about our teachers.  We are delighted to bring not only some of the UK’s top teachers but some amazing international guests.


Our European star.  Rosadela is based in Valencia – I had the good fortune to go to her festival, Aini ya Aini, in January 2019.  I was very impressed both by Rosadela as a dancer and as an organiser.  She teaches internationally and is in great demand.  Her dance school is one of the biggest in Spain.  I can highly recommend you take some of her workshops – and I can’t wait to see her on the Alba stage.

Rosadela has mentored many students and really makes a difference to their dance.  If you haven’t studied with Rosadela before, you should definitely try one of her workshops.


We are delighted that Artemisia is joining us.  Not only do we love the skill and joy that she brings to the stage but she is a fantastic teacher too.  She has taught at Farida residential before and everyone loves her classes.

Based in Belgium, Artemisia teaches there and on the international circuit.  She is a generous teacher, sharing her knowledge and infecting students with her love of the dance.


Yasmina of Cairo

Star of the Cairo stage for many years, Yasmina now teaches and performs internationally.  She bases herself between the UK and Cairo (where she runs a dancers B&B).  Yasmina brings a depth of knowledge to her workshops and insights into life as a dancer in Cairo.  Her thoughtful approach and informed content make her workshops a must.  Yasmina has recently joined the JWAAD faculty and helps deliver some of the accredited courses.


Lorna of Cairo

Lorna was a professional bellydance in Edinburgh before she took the plunge to move to Cairo and work as a dancer there.  I took groups many times to see Lorna who always puts on a fabulous show and took the time to chat with groups when she finished.  Lorna loved working in Cairo with her own band though now is based back in Scotland.  She goes back to Cairo to teach at festivals as well as teaching workshops internationally.  Lorna is a really good teacher – you will come away from her session inspired.

Kay Taylor

Kay is one of the UK’s highest profile teachers.  Not only does she teach at many festivals around the UK and internationally, she is also Managing Director of JWAAD.  Kay is responsible for the JWAAD accredited training courses and teaching diploma … and more.  With her business Farida Adventures, Kay regularly takes group to Cairo which ensures she always has fresh material to share with her students.  Kay is passionate about live music and teaches at ‘Camp Negum’ festival in Cairo – a festival based around live music.  At Alba, Kay will be sharing her favourite Sha’abi tracks with you.  Top hits straight from Cairo.



Candi has established herself a queen of shamadan in the UK.  She has formed a shamadan troupe which go down a storm wherever they perform.  Candi is an experienced teacher who has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Candi is also editor of the NADA magazine which has gone from strength to strength in her care.

Carmen Tormo

Carmen found bellydance whilst a student in Sheffield.  She fell in love with it, you could say it became an obsession.  Carmen moved back to Valencia and found Rosadela which she says changed her dance.  She has won several international competitions and is a great teacher.  She completed her JWAAD diploma in 2018.  Carmen teaches at several UK festivals and internationally as well.  People rave about her workshops – why not take this opportunity to try one?  Carmen is also chair person of NADA .

Moyra Banks

The Scottish Bellydancer – Moyra teaches and performs regularly in Edinburgh.  Moyra is passionate about Egyptian style bellydance and loves going to Cairo and soaking up as much information as she can.  Moyra is a JWAAD teacher, mentor and is about to start teaching the accredited courses.  Moyra loves sharing knowledge and loves seeing students develop.  You will get so much from taking a class with Moyra – not just technique and steps but a real feel for the music.

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Our Competitions will be on Friday 27th March between 14.00 – 16.00 in the Old Dr Bells Baths.  A renovated historic building a 10 minute walk from the main venue.  Click below for competition categories and to book. Please Note: All competitors must have purchased at least one workshop before being able to enter the competition

Oriental Professional Solo

Oriental Amateur solo

Oriental Group

Folklore solo

Folklore group

Baladi / Sha’abi solo

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