About Kay

Meet Kay Taylor: Your Guide to the World of Bellydance

Welcome to the vibrant world of bellydance, guided by the dynamic force behind Farida Dance, Kay Taylor. With over three decades of experience, Kay’s journey began with a hobby and blossomed into a lifelong passion and profession.

From Hobby to Passion and Profession:

 Kay’s love affair with bellydance began in Leeds, evolving into a full-fledged career as a bellydance artist, educator, and choreographer. She has directed and choreographed numerous shows, captivating audiences at prestigious venues like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond.

Sharing the Magic:

 While Kay may perform less frequently now, her focus remains on mentoring and empowering the next generation of dancers. Through her teachings at festivals across the UK and internationally, as well as regular classes both in-person and online, Kay continues to inspire dancers of all levels.

Innovation in Motion:

 Adapting to the changing times, Kay pioneered outdoor bellydance fitness classes during lockdown with “Shimmy Camp” and continues to explore hybrid class formats. As a proud Northerner, she delights in hosting events in the North, including the renowned residential weekend retreat, “Shimmy Up North.”  Kay also supports events run by other people such as bring Cairo star Brenda to Edinburgh.

Farida Dance & Beyond:

At the heart of Kay’s endeavours are Farida Dance and Farida Adventures. While Farida Dance encompasses her classes, events, and an eclectic marketplace for bellydance essentials, Farida Adventures transports enthusiasts on unforgettable journeys to the birthplace of bellydance: Cairo.

Leading the Way:

As part of the esteemed BellyDance Now team, Kay orchestrates a myriad of activities, from flagship festivals like “Fantasia” to the International Bellydance Summer School. Her vision is to provide enriching experiences for dancers at every stage of their journey, including comprehensive teacher training courses.

Kay says:  ‘Josephine Wise has been a significant influence on my journey, and I’ve eagerly participated in many of her JWAAD events. As my involvement grew, and with Jo’s guidance, we embarked on a rebranding journey, bringing ‘BellyDance Now’ into existence. I’ve had the privilege of inviting dance colleagues onto our team, including Yasmina of Cairo, Abeer Will, Dorte Evelyn, and Carmen Tormo. Together, we coordinate a diverse range of activities and events aimed at informing and inspiring dancers at every stage of their journey. From comprehensive teacher training courses to our flagship festival ‘Fantasia’ held annually in London every February, and our immersive International Bellydance summer school, there’s something for everyone in the BellyDance Now community. This is a week that holds a special place in my heart within the UK bellydance calendar’.

Embracing Change:

 Kay’s boundless enthusiasm for bellydance fuels her ever-evolving projects. Despite the whirlwind of new ideas, her commitment to teaching, hosting events, and exploring the magic of Cairo remains unwavering.

Join the Adventure:

Ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of bellydance? Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting your journey, Kay invites you to explore the myriad of opportunities awaiting you. Click below to discover more about Kay’s multifaceted bellydance life!