About Us

Farida Dance would not be the success it is without the help and hard work of the ‘Farida Crew’.  We like nothing better than to help dancers find their perfect outfit.  From class wear to professional costumes – we have a huge range.

Find out more about ‘Madam Kay’ and the Farida Crew below.

In 1998, Kay Taylor started importing professional belly dance costumes to the UK as she had been unable to get any here herself. Kay went to Cairo and set about meeting with costumiers, looking at designs and deciding who to buy from and what sort of things she would stock. Two of Cairos top designers work with Kay: Hanan Mahmoud and Eman Zaki.  Eman Zaki was a dancer herself and loves to join the Farida Crew at events like Fantasia where she offers on the spot advice, alterations and designer creations, as well as being great fun to have around.

Kay also met with many other costumiers who supply today’s professional dancers and occasionally choose designs from them. Kay likes to find good quality shops in the Khan el Khalili in Cairo so that when Kay leads belly dance holidays to Cairo, they have a choice of designer Made to Measure costumes from costumiers or ‘off the peg’ numbers of good quality.

Kay loves choosing designs, deciding on colours and negotiating prices. and goes two or three times a year to Egypt to get new styles, find different costumiers, see what is hot in Cairo and what is not! She source new designs of good quality at reasonable prices to ship back to the UK.  From great value budget costumes to top of the range Eman Zaki creations.

Having travelled to Cairo regularly and having made so many good contacts, Kay decided she was in the ideal position to start taking groups of belly dancers on holiday and introducing them to aspects of Cairo of particular interest to dancers. Go to Kay Taylors ‘Farida Adventures’ website for more details on belly dance trips to Egypt and more.