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Teachers, Classes & Workshops

  • Find a Belly Dance Class

    From beginners Belly Dance classes to accredited courses and much more.

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  • Belly Dances

    A very nicely set out site from our very own Claire Novis, a lovely dancer and JWAAD qualified teacher who is based in Newcastle,with information on classes, events and lots of other stuff.

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    Home page of Josephine Wise, and JWAAD. Josephine Wise is one of the UKs top established dancers and teachers,  and founder of Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance, which includes the JWAAD Teacher Training programme, which has received accreditation with the National Open College network.

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  • Seven Veils

    JWAAD teacher, Catherine Bartholomew based in Medway, Kent

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  • Anne Kingston

    Fab dancer, Just Because volunteer and amazing photographer as well, Anne Kingston shares information and thoughts about dance, life and what inspires her.  Anne also organises ‘Desert Healing Trips’ a mix of dance, relaxation and just ‘being’ in the desert – check out her site for all information.

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  • Raks Candi

    Candi is a fab and fun dancer who has lots of experience bothteaching and performing, she is based in Yorkshire, and offersclasses and workshops.

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  • Shona Hagan

    Shona is a fab performer and qualified JWAAD teacher based in the South West (as well as a great advert for Farida Costumes, cos she always looks gorgeous in them). Check out her new site, which has info on classes, workshops and more.

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  • Galit Mersand

    Galit is a fabulous JWAAD trained dancer and teacher, who also has her own show “Belicious’ running at the moment.  This is a very attractive website with lots of information and some gorgeous photos too.

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  • Stephanie Belly Dance

    Stephanie is a teacher and performer based in Cardiff. She has a variety of specialist workshops on offer, including Pilates influenced dance and also iinformation on bellydancing during pregnancy.

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  • Gothla

    For those of you who fancy trying some dance from the darkside – an amazing festival held in Leicester every July. Something for Oriental, Tribal and fusion dancers, and Her Royal Hellness is none of the organisers.

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  • Jewel Of Yorkshire

    All you need to know about Yorkshire’s hugely popular weekend dance festivals.

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  • JWAAD Fantasia

    A great event with international and national teachers including our very own Kay Taylor, and of course gorgeous Farida bellydance costumes and classwear at the souk.  Fantasia is held in Chiswick in December, perfect for combining with a shopping trip to London.

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  • Majma Dance

    All the latest information about the South West’s great danceweekend, held at Glastonbury March 2008.

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  • Belly Deluxe

    A blogsite – and lots more – from the gorgeous Jwaad teacher and fab dancer Raphaelle Masson, don’t be put off by the French, there are articles in English too and lots of good links, especially to some of Raphaelle’s favourite music.

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  • Sorchara

    A great performer, Sorcha not only dances, but can also provide fire eating, juggling, stilt walking and other great stuff – not all at the same time but she can do at least 2 of these things at once!

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  • Taste Of Cairo

    Tracey Gibbs is a very accomplished dancer and teacher who is based in Manchester. She also runs a dance agency providing danc-ers in the Manchester area.

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  • Nada

    NADA – A voluntary organisation promoting Arabic Dance in the North of England and Scotland. Subscribe to this fab magazine.

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  • Mosaic Dance

    Mosaic is based in the South and produces a superb magazine for lovers of Arabic Dance everywhere.

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  • Just Because

    A very worthy cause – aiming to raise awareness and prevention of breast cancer for women in Egypt. Many UK bellydancers have already held events to support this new charity.

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  • Farida Dance Dancewear

    Farida Belly Dance Costumes. Check out the Farida Souk for gorgeous gear from classwear to cabaret, including belly dance costumes from Eman, Hanan and more.

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General Information

  • B Dancer Guide

    Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide. An American web-site which lists huge amounts of information.

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  • Hips With Attitude

    Great site run by Deirdre MacDonald, who studied Tribal style while living in the US.

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  • Shira

    A great site for information of any sort related to Belly Dance.

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  • Zehara

    Excellent source of information especially on the fusion and tribal styles of dance.

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  • My Spirit Radio

    An interesting and informative online radio station with it’s very own bellydance programme ‘Belly and Beyond’ featuring among other things, our very own Kay being interviewed.

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Overseas Dancers and Events

Desiree and Farida Favourites

  • CP Newcastle

    Our feline friends need your help. If you’re in the Newcastle area and would like to give a home to a cat or help with fundraising please check out this site.

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