Camp Negum Online Hafla tickets

Camp Negum Online Hafla tickets


Camp Negum online hafla
Sunday 16th August 2020
17.00 – 19.30 – you need to access Zoom software to join us.

Brought to you by Kay Taylor of Farida Dance and Yasmina of Cairo

Featuring Safaa Farid, Hopa Farid and the Camp Negum band
Performances by Yasmina of Cairo, Hopa Farid, guest dancers from the UK and international guests too.  If you want to perform, you can book a performers ticket on this link.  Places are limited.  Perform with a live band in the comfort of your own home.

Live music brought to you from Cairo.
We have hired a studio and technician to bring you a decent quality of sound.  We have test trialled this several times.  It is not perfect as Zoom is not designed for live music gigs.  On our tests though the quality was much better than our original fundraising hafla.

Though some venues are opening up in Cairo, not all are.  Many musicians are still out of work so this hafla is providing paid work for several musicians, technicians etc.

Book your ticket today…….

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