Farida Belly Dance Weekend at Borwick Hall


For an amazing weekend that is inspirational and fun – 2018 now sold out

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Friday 25th May – Sunday 27th May 2018 – this event is now sold out

Confirmed teachers include Anne Kingston, Kay Taylor, Mayel, Gwen Booth, Joanne Miller, Sitara, Carmen Duende, Moyra Banks, Jaleh Fallah & Shona Hagan

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We are returning to our 2017 venue of Borwick Hall for next years Farida residential belly dance weekend. Borwick Hall is a quirky building full of character and set in a beautiful little village near Carnforth in Lancashire (Carnforth is the nearest train station)

This weekend is a great mix of classes – from fun introductions on Friday evening to technique and style classes at different levels.  The timetable will be published in March 2018.  There are 4 classes on consecutively so lots of choice.

Friday evening there are fun introductory classes followed by a participants showcase and the chance to boogie.  Classes all day Saturday and Sunday.  Teachers showcase Saturday night followed by disco and chance to let your hair down.  We often have a fun fashion show.  There is also a souk with an amazing array of sparkly things for sale.  This weekend is a great combination of learning and fun.

Accommodation is quite basic with a mix of single, shared, treble and dormitory accommodation – the dorms are very basic.
Food is tasty and plentiful …. you will not go hungry.  The cooks are great at catering for a variety of dietary requirements.  The weekend is fully residential so all your meals are included.

The Monday after is a bank holiday so plenty of time to recover, or perhaps stay over in the area for an extra day.  There is an option of staying Sunday night at Borwick – contact us separately for this.

There will of course be the Farida Dance souk in attendance at the weekend.

We are almost full for May 2018 so if you want to join us, book quickly.

Any further information on Farida residential weekends please email info@faridadance.com or ring us on 0191 5652920 (Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm)


2018 Timetable click to download, which gives you an idea of the weekend and variety of classes.

We usually have 4 classes running simultaneously so classes aren’t overcrowded, and there are a choice of levels so as long as you have a basic knowledge of Egyptian dance there should be a class to suit you.

We also have some ‘fun’ classes especially on the Friday night, these are a great ice-breaker to start the weekend.


 Kay Taylor

Does she need an introduction?  Kay is the organiser and force behind Farida Dance and the residential weekends.

A qualified JWAAD teacher and director of JWAAD Teacher Training courses, Kay believes in giving students a thorough grounding in Egyptian Dance while also making classes fun and accessible for the wide range of women attracted to this great dance form.

Kay travels regularly to Egypt and has links with most of the top dancers and choreographers there.  Kay is in great demand throughout the country and has taught at many events nationally and internationally… this time she is teaching at her own event!

Kay is also choreographer for and mentor to the Helwa Belly Dance troupe and has written their new show ‘Belly Dance: A True Story’, part narrative, part dance.

Anne Kingston

Another firm favourite and great friend of ours, Anne Kingston has a wealth of experience of teaching and performing and is a joy to watch.  As well as her love of Egyptian Dance, Anne is very knowledgeable on other types of African Dance and also likes to incorporate a more spiritual side of things.  Anne also organises Desert Dance Healing trips, where you can relax and recharge with dance, drumming and fun.

Joanne Miller

Jo is a fabulous performer of Egyptian Dance, with styles including Oriental, Sha’abi, Khaleegi and more.  She has a very relaxed style and a big fan base in the North East.

Jo is fast becoming a well loved teacher as well, having taught sell out workshops at Joy, and now we’re looking forward to her teaching and performing at our weekend.  Jo has almost completed her JWAAD Teaching Diploma.

A member of the Helwa Belly Dance Troupe, Jo will be dancing in their new show, ‘Belly Dance: A True Story’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

Sitara Dance

Sitara is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Essex.  She has danced at many top London venues and also appeared on TV more than once.

She is also the founder of 2 bellydance shows and has her own troupe Eastern Roses, as well as running popular weekly classes in Essex.  We are very much looking forward to Sitara joining us

Carmen Duende

Carmen is a Spanish born and bred dancer with a passion for bellydance.  She has trained in a variety of styles over 10 years and also likes to fuse flamenco to give a little taste of her home.

Carmen teaches and performs around the UK and has won several awards including NADA’s Rising Star award.  She has also almost completed the JWAAD Diploma.  Carmen loves to share her passion of dance with every dancer out there

Maelle Mayel

Maelle is an award winning performer, choreographer and full qualified JWAAD teacher based in London.  She has been professionally performing since 2008 and is a soloist in Johara Dance Company, a member of Company of Dreams and also dances with Ozgen in his shows.

Maelle is well known for her unique style which is dynamic, graceful and dramatic.  We look forward to welcoming her to our Belly Dance weekend.

Gwen Booth

Gwen is based in Oxford and teaches workshops nationally.  Known for her strong technique based workshops, Gwen is an inspiration to many.  Gwen is mistress of props and delights in sharing her skills.

Gwen also designs and teaches on JWAAD accredited courses designed for Belly Dancers.  Gwen has taught at Farida residential before – it is great to have her back.

Moyra Banks

Based in Edinburgh, Moyra came to Borwick for the first time in 2017 as a helper.  It is now firmly in her dance diary and this time she is back as a teacher.  Moyra is greatly influenced by modern Egyptian style and loves Khaleegy.  Moyra has almost completed her JWAAD Teaching Diploma.

A member of the Helwa Belly Dance Troupe, Moyra will be dancing in their new show, ‘Belly Dance: A True Story’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

Jaleh Fallah

We are delighted that Jaleh is joining us at Borwick this year.  Jaleh is super talented and trained in many dance styles including Salsa and Kizomba.  She learnt belly dance from a young age and loves teaching that too.  Jaleh runs her own dance studio, ‘Dance Revolution’, in Sheffield.

Her diverse cultural influences growing up encouraged Jaleh to train and study in her favourite dance styles from all over the world, later becoming professional in them. In addition, this early exposure to world music and dance allowed Jaleh to organically develop her own unique yet natural dance style, and highly informative teaching approach.  Jaleh has almost completed her JWAAD Teaching Diploma.

Shona Hagan

Shona Hagan has been involved in Egyptian dance for a few decades and more now but her passion for the dance hasn’t diminished. Shona recently gave up her weekly classes to travel the world and is using her extra free time to improve and deepen her own dance and is still teaching dance workshops when home in the U.K. In the past Shona has been an event organiser for various successful bellydance projects, Miss Bellydance Uk, Club Cairo, Raqs Masr numerous haflas and she still runs a fun and fabulous Bellydance spa weekend in Torquay, Devon every July. She has also taught and performed at most of the major uk festivals and a few European ones too. In the course of her career Shona released three successful Bellydance instruction DVDs and won third place in professional level competition and has also won awards as a teacher and choreographer with her troupe Divaz.

Milly Sanderson

Milly is a force to be reckoned with.  High energy and fun.  Milly has taught at Borwick before and her classes are very popular …. particularly her Friday night slot!  Milly doesn’t currently teach regular classes so take this opportunity to join her in a session.  The picture shows Mill leading her group in come camouflage fun!
Milly is a qualified JWAAD teacher.

Rita Williamson

Rita began dancing just before the turn of the century and has been teaching since 2007.  Rita also designs and makes belly dance performance costumes and class wear.  She has also spent a lifetime mucking about with arts and crafts and drawing ‘ladies with frocks on’.  Rita will be giving a talk on costuming.