Workshops with Kay

Kay teaches local classes in the North East, Workshops at Festivals and residential courses both nationally and internationally.

Kay is happy to design workshops for specific events or you can choose from the options below.

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Kay teaches local classes in the North East, workshops at festivals and residential courses both nationally and internationally.

Kay is happy to design workshops for specific events or you can choose from the list – just click on the tabs to the left.

Kays main influence has been the Egyptian style.  She has trained with many top Egyptian dancers – as well as with top JWAAD tutors in the UK.  Kay studies dance technique, absorbs it and adds her own accent, creating something unique to herself.  Kay is passionate about belly dance and mentoring dancers to develop their own style.  For more information about Kay, click here:

The length of most workshops can be changed by varying the content slightly.

Kay never teaches the same workshop in the same way twice.  Kay adapts sessions to the needs of the participants and will focus on areas which are of the most interest to those there.

Baladi Workshop Options

This session can be anything from a brief overview to an in depth exploration.

What is Baladi?   –   1 hour
Looking at how Baldi music has developed, what instruments are used ….. what makes music ‘baladi’ – from traditional songs to instrumental baladi – baladi moves and technique, putting them to music.

Exploring Taksim Baladi  –  2 hours
An overview of how Taksim Baladi is structured.  What to listen for – and ways of interpreting it.  A combination of technique and interpretation.  Time to explore and put into practice the essentials.

Baladi Babes – 1.5 – 2 hrs
Baladi can be anything from soulful to playful, dramatic to cheeky.  Be a baladi babe and play with the music, creating your own baladi character to bring to your dance.  Kay uses a range of baladi music to inspire and bring different elements for your baladi babe to play with.

Majency - Mise en scene

Majency Explored   2 hrs
A majency is the entrance piece a dancer uses to start her set.  It is often complex and contains different taksims, a range of moods and styles.  Kay breaks down each section and looks at how to interpret them bringing contrast and variety to the overall piece.  Kay explains the history behind the majency and how it has evolved through time.

Majency choreography   2 hrs
A majency allows a solo dancer to showcase her skills through using the different sections effectively.  Learning choreography also give you ideas and inspiration to take away and apply to your own dance.  You can take this away to perform yourself or use the ideas and apply them to your own dance.  Bring a veil.

Majency Group Choreography   4 hours
If you are part of a troupe or a dance company and would like a spectacular majency number as part of your repertoire, you can either commission an exclusive choreography or learn one that Kay may teach elsewhere.

Sha'abi Options

Sha’abi is Egyptian street music …. raw and full of energy … you hear it blaring out from taxis and on street corners.

Sha’abi Party    1 hour
Kay regularly visits Cairo and brings back the latest sha’abi music.  This session is a quick overview on the development of sha’abi, focussing on a few basic moves, letting go and enjoying the music.

Sha’abi Explained    1.5 – 2 hours
What is sha’abi?  How has it developed?  What are the names of sha’abi singers?  All these questions answered and more.
Kay also shares a few sha’abi moves and looks at how to bring them to the music.  Kay will use a whole range of sha’abi music and look at how you can bring lots of different elements to it.

Technique options

Kay is a great believer in learning technique.  Strong foundations give you the wings to fly.  You need a good repertoire of technique to be able to forget about it and just dance…..

  • Focus on Technique 
  • Undulations
  • Camels
  • Percussive hips
  • Shimmies
  • Fluid moves
  • Hagallas
  • These sessions can be anything from 1 – 2 hours long.  In 1 hour you focus on the basics of the move, your posture, where your weight should be etc.  With a longer session, Kay looks at how the move can be incorporated into sequences and adds layering.

JWAAD Technique   1.5 – 2 hours
This session looks specifically at technique incorporated in the JWAAD Technique Review.  Kay explains the principles behind each move and how to execute them clearly.  Perfect for people considering joining the JWAAD Personal Development Programme.

Travel with Style  1.5 – 2 hours
Kay explores a range of travelling moves from walking to hagallas and camels, arabesques to spins and turns.  Moving around your space effortlessly with panache.

Creative Combinations   1.5 – 2 hours
Kay drills a range of combinations incorporating technique, weight change and turns.  Adding layers and arms.  This is better for higher levels though simpler combinations can be created.  Specific technique and combinations drilled.

Amazing Arms   1.5 – 2 hours
We all have amazing arms – we just may not be using them to their full potential.  Kay explores for to get the most from your arms.  Framing and flowing, dramatic and soft.  Arms can bring so much range to your dance.

Effective Arms    1.5 – 2 hours
So, you use your arms when you dance …. but how effective are they?  Do they add a wow factor?  Do they add polish to your dance?  Do they help create moods and styles?  Kay explores these ideas and looks at ways to use your arms effectively.

Saidi options

Saidi is a music and dance style from Upper Egypt.  Men traditionally use a stick or ‘Tahtib’.  Women have taken to using them in a modern cabaret context.  Kay loves the power and strength behind this proud dance style.

Powerful Saidi   1.5 – 2 hours
Includes stick drilling and twirling to build up co-ordination and manipulation skills.  This workshop explores how to use your tahtib effectively, how it becomes a part of your interpretation of the music.  Its not what you do, its the way that you do it!  Great for confidence building and empowerment.

Mizmar Party  1.5 – 2 hours
Kay teaches a piece of choreography that incorporates attitude and that proud Saidi feel.  Technique broken down, choreography taught incorporating the stick or tahtib.  It is a fun and funky number that would be great to perform at haflas.  Notes and music included.

Stick drills   1 hour
Drills to build co-ordination and stick manipulation skills.